Stacy Cantrell

Living My Life One Day at a Time in Georgia

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I've been fortunate to have two different passions translate into successful careers. The first was directing the operations and programming of radio stations. Then after working to put groups of stations on the Internet, I moved into my second career working with the online user experiences of some of our biggest and most well-known brands and services; including some companies in the Fortune 100.

As an ardent advocate of the consumer perspective, that has been a thread throughout my professional journey. Upon reflection, it’s clear I approached my radio stations as a one-on-one relationship with the listener and indeed felt the responsibility that came with that.

I've also long been passionate about travel; international travel in particular. It is not only gratifying and memorable but also quite enlightening as it broadens one's perspective to experience new cultures. Thus far, I've been to over 400 cities in over 50 countries on 6 continents. (I don’t actually keep track of that, it’s just one of those silly apps that I occasionally update.)

My paternal grandmother once said, "Always have a trip on the books. It gives you something to look forward to." She was right; as always. That's a motto I’ve tried to live by!

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